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Claudio Lazcano del Castillo

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He began his training in 1984 in the luthiery workshops organized by the Ateneo Los Teques.

In 1997 he takes specialization courses with english teacher Paul Fischer, in the August International Festival in Caracas.
Since 1985 he has made plucked instruments for various institutions, among which are: the Camerata de Caracas, the Estudiantina del Banco Industrial de Venezuela, Universidad de Los Andes, Central University of Venezuela, Mavesa Cultural Project, the Foundation Bigott and the National Cultural Council as well as renowned figures of musical performance as Saul Vera, Julio Medina, Cheo Hurtado, Christoph Soto, Isabel Palacios, Jonathan Coles, Rafael Brito, Ivan Adler, Salomé Sandoval, Luis Pino, among others, some of whom have recorded musical productions using his instruments.

His ability on luthiery is not only limited to the scope of traditional instruments, including those belonging to the Latin American popular genre, but also has led to the manufacture of old european instruments such as lutes, harps, mandorlas, Renaissance and Baroque guitars.

In 2000 he moved to Curaçao to undertake the manufacture of a guitar - Eb (two masts), designed by him, under the auspices of the Foundation T-NAG.

In 2002, the National Cultural Council commissions the manufacture of a guitar, Millenium model, to be given as a prize for Best Performance of the Work of Antonio Lauro, in the thirteenth edition of International Guitar Competition Alirio Diaz.

In 1995 sets its instruments in the Technological Institute of Los Teques.

In 1996 he participated in the Group Show Luthería, installed at the Cultural Center Consolidated (now Torre Corp Banca), sharing space with Oscar Garcia, Thomas Humphrey. Matias Herrera and Ramon Blanco, curated by Alejandro Bruzual.

In 2004 he participated as honorary curator of the exhibition Planting Fourth Art Center La Estancia in Caracas.

In the field of education has served as professor at the Popular Culture Workshops organized by the Foundation Bigott and Area Extension of the National School of Administration and Public Finance. It has also given several lectures on the history of guitar and the origins of Venezuelan cuatro, in spaces such as the National Library of Venezuela and the National Music Conservatory of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic).

As a guitar player has trained with several teachers, among which are, Alejandro Vasquez, Bartholomew Diaz, Alejandro Pulido, Enrique Quevedo and Boris Serdoz and participated in workshops for teachers with Leo Brouwer, Luis Zea, Abel Carlevaro , Alirio Diaz, Rafael Benatar, among others.

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