Guitarra barroca en proceso de construcción

Visit to the luthier’s workshop

Appeared on the blog La Guitarrista by Ana María Hernández Guerra on October 17, 2007

“Yesterday, Tuesday, October 16, I passed by the workshop of Claudio Lazcano del Castillo, whose I have the pleasure and privilege of owning two instruments: the Millenium model classical guitar and the Renaissance guitar or guitarrilla. Right now the construction of my next darling is finishing, a baroque guitar, a copy of a French model, and it is exactly the one in the photo. I promise to delve into details of what the guitar has in my hands, because I need to extract the complete information, which is always very interesting.

At the moment I can say that this guitar has five double orders and is tuned like a modern guitar but without the sixth string, that is: LA (5TA.) D (4TA.) G (3RA.) SI (2DA.) AND E (1RA.); and apparently it gave rise to some wonderful cuatros in the state of Lara: the sixth and the fifth or requinto, very popular and essential for the performance of Lara music.”

“So soon we will expand the show, or we will do two, depending on what happens.“

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